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Kocoono Weighted blankets - Kocoono™ Weighted blankets


Kocoono™ Weighted blankets

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All Kocoono™  Weighted products use Deep Touch Pressure Therapy to stimulate pressure points in the body. This helps to reduce cortisol levels show more


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All Kocoono™  Weighted products use Deep Touch Pressure Therapy to stimulate pressure points in the body. This helps to reduce cortisol levels associated with stress, and in turn increases dopamine and serotonin, our “happy chemicals”.  Kocoono™ is a natural self-soothing tool that helps users to have improved quality sleep, mood and relaxation, which in turn can have other overall health benefits.

The Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket is particularly beneficial for people that suffer from

  • Insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, depression, sensory overload, Alzheimer’s, Autism, those with fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome and people who generally love a big hug!

Why is Kocoono™ Unique?

  • The patent-pending Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket allows the user to add or remove weights to suit your needs making Kocoono™ an easy travel companion and suitable for customisation.
  • All Kocoono™ products were designed in Ireland and manufactured in Europe.
  • This customisation makes the Kocoono blanket extremely versatile and conforms to your body giving you the complete experience of deep touch pressure that no other blanket gives.
  • You can also place weights in the freezer and reinsert back into the blanket to keep you extra cool at night or to relieve any aches and pains with cold compression.  The unique shoulder embrace brings deep touch pressure to your shoulders to reduce the tension where you need it most. This prevents the uncomfortable bunching at the neck experienced with other weighted blankets.

All our products are designed with your well-being in mind. We also have

  • The Kocoono™ shoulder hug ~ it takes the weight of the world off your shoulders. We store so much tension, stress and anxiety in our shoulders, and now you can alleviate all of this with the simple self-soothing tool that is the Kocoono™ Shoulder Hug.
  • The Kocoono™ weighted Eye pillow applies even pressure on and around your eyes to leave you feeling relaxed, releasing the stresses of your day, helping you to feel peaceful and powerful in your body and mind
  • The Kocoono™ eye Mask is your simple solution to a sound night’s sleep, minimise health risks by reducing light pollution allowing your body to enter deeper sleep. Excessive light at night time, from electronics or outside, has been scientifically proven to affect your circadian rhythm and your normal hormone production levels. Give your eyes a rest and increase your zzzz’s with your Kocoono™ Sleep Mask

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