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Our platform is fully Optimized for SEO & Performance
to be best business listing platfrom on the market

As our platform code created and coded in SEO in mind. We have spent countless hours to make sure we will smash our competitors with website performance.

We know that to gain the clients and lead you to need the platform which will be as fast as possible.
To demonstrate we have attached a small website performance comparison that should help you to make the right decision, which platform you should use to make sure your business listing will for at 100%.


Services Irish Business Directory WhatsWhat Golden Pages Irish Business Link

Server Response

Irish Business Directory Server response time WhatsWhat Server response time GoldenPages Server response time Irish Business Link Server response time

All Page Content Loaded

Irish Business Loisting content load WhatsWhat Page content load Irish Business Link Page content load

Platform & Your Business Listing Security

We know the Website security and sensitive data security is so important these days, especially when you are sharing all sensitive data such as Phone number, email or using the platform to purchase products and manage your business.


Explore How we can Help You to Scale

Easy Access to all tools which will help you to scale and manage your business

Expand & Scale

List your business under any of our 2.6k categories which were listed just for you. By listing your business under any of our categories you will be able to reach wider audience, make your business stand out, and make it much easier for users to reach you by providing them with all information about your business.

Your Personal Dashboard

Just here at Irish Business Directory, you will be granted your own personal Dashboard, from where you will be able to manage your:

  1. Business Performance
  2. Business information
  3. Subscriptions
  4. Promotions
  5. Messages
  6. Affiliates
  7. Job Posting
  8. Job Applications

User-Centered  Category filtering system


We have designed and developed this section to provide as much essential information to all our users about your businesses.

At the very top, we are listing the business which is claimed and verified by the business owners.
We are putting a lot of effort to provide all our users with the businesses who claimed and verified their business so all our users would have access to the most relevant and trust wordy information.


By using our Claim your business functionality, you will be able to check does

We have put loads of hours to make the claiming process as easy as possible and at the same time to make highly secured so only the genuine business owners will be able to claim their business listing on our Business Directory.

Easy Claim and Register option for business owners

We make sure all Claimed & Register business all 100% genuine

Secured Claiming Business System

The only way to Claim your business is to find your business through the Search Form, Select the business and press Claim. After searching and selecting the business from our search you will be provided with the 3 options.

1. Claim your business

If you will find your business on our directory and the business was not claimed yet please Press Send verification code. We have linked the phone number of each business listed on our platform to make it easier for business owners to claim their listing.

1.1 Claim your Business via the Application form

If don’t have access to the phone number method please click “Don’t have access to these verification methods” where you will be provided with the Online Form where you can submit the company information and provide us with the ownership of the businesses. As soon as information will be submitted one of our staff will contact you directly and will arrange the business listing and claiming with you.

Business Verification option by submitting GDPR optimized Claiming form

2. View Business Profile

By clicking the “View Business Profile” button you will be able to view the current listing of the business you have selected from the business suggestions search.


3. Register Your Business

If the business you are looking for was not listed on the Irish Directory platform please click the “Register Your Business” button and you will be redirected to the registration form to list your business and register as a business.


Explore Your Business Profile Endless Possibilities

On Below content Please use Arrows or Drag Left or Right to slide through all Business Profiles options on Irish Business Directory

Direct Messaging + Payment Request (Premium)

Collect Messages from your business profile.  As soon users will send the message you will be able to respond to them directly from your email which you have assigned to your Profile.

All messages are also stored in your Business Dashboard.
We know the messaging system is essential for the business to function and work well, and what no better way to make it possible for your potential clients to pay for your services via message.
Directly from your Business Dashboard, you will be able to send the payment request to your leads.


As the reviews are one of the main factors for the users/potential clients to contact you we make sure all your business star ratings will be visible on every section of our business platform.

  1. Home Page for Featured businesses
  2. Directly on Business Listing
  3. Full Reviews Categorisation on Business Profiles

Do something today that your business will thank you for!

Start generating HQ traffic and Get Bookings

All offers are optimized for social media including images, titles, and descriptions

  1. Let your customers share the offers on all social media
  2. All Offers and Shares are fully optimized to look best each time the offer/s will be shared by your followers


Present all of you latest work, in beautiful and fully responsive Gallery


Share & Manage your Jobs  like a PRO

All our Job listing section has been fully optimized and coded in SEO in mind

By well-structured Job posts and Job listing page your job posting and job positions will have a bigger chance of reaching the users and gain a good position in Google or Bing Search Results.

Increase the Job Application Tendency

2 STEP Job Application (Search for the Job – Apply)
We have developed and set our Job listing to help you and your potential Applicants to Apply for the Jobs with max 2 steps.

The users can apply for Jobs without registering which will help the users to apply much easier and help you to gain more job applications.

Increase Job Reach

Allow users to share the Job listing on all the most popular Social Media channels 

To help you and your Job positions, we have made it available to the end-users to share your jobs via all the most social media channels.

Job Listing Optimized for Print

To make your Job listings more attractive and professional we tried to take care of every small detail of your job listings.
To each of the job listings, the users have the option to print the job or save as a PDF.

Predefined Industries

Just at Irish Directory, you will be able to select from over 30 Industries.
The Industries will be displayed at the Job posting. The Job Industry will help you and your applicants to define are they are right for the posted position.

Intuitive Job Listing

As we are doing our best to make your life as easy as possible, we have added the most popular positions to speed the job listing process

Predefined Skills

Just at Irish Directory, you will be able to set and select the skills which will be displayed at the Job posting. The Job skills will help you and your applicants to define are they are right for the posted position.

Job Response Messages

Set custom responses for each of the Job Posting positions

Just here at Irish Business Directory, you will be able to define and write your own custom response emails which will be sent automatically to each Applicant who will apply for your Jobs.

Set Auto-Response Message

Are you struggling to respond on time to each job application, after they are applying for your job post?
Worry no more, we have you covered. Just here at Irish Business Directory, you will have the option to set the tailored auto response to each of the Job postings.

The way these options works is:
While you will work on setting the Job position, you will have the option to set the Auto Response to this Job position. So no more endless emails.

Job auto submission to Google Jobs

As Job Posting and Listing Is getting really popular, we have made sure all the latest technologies are in place including submission of job posting/job positions to Google Jobs.

Google Jobs will help you and your Job positions to gain more traffic and attract more users to your Vacancies. All our Jobs are getting posted as soon Job position is Published.


Manage Jobs and Hire Professionals

Job Listing Dashboard of current Job posts

To make is easy for you to manage the Jobs we have created custom and UI optimised Job Dashboard where you will be able to manage the jobs. We have interviewed over 20 recruitment agencies to make sure you will have all the tools you need to manage the jobs in as easy way as possible.

Share your Job Positions directly to all social media from your Job Dashboard

To help you to share all job positions we have created for you the share option.
By using the Job share option you will be able to share any “Published” Job position on all social media and if needed you can boost the application rate by promoting the jobs on all of your available social media channels.

Quickly Edit Job Listing by Bulk

To make it even easier for you.  We have created the Clone, Edit, and Delete options on your Job dashboard so you could manage your jobs easily and quickly.

Know how many Applicants applied for your Job Post

In your new Job management dashboard, you will be able to view the exact number of Applicants who applied for the Job you have posted.

Applicant Job management system

Just for you and your needs, we have created the Job Application management system from where you will be able to Respond / Approve / Delete, Download Resumes, Download Cover Letters and Contact the Applicants from one place.

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